Catch of the Day – Mission Market

There was a Mission Market in my old hometown Waalre today.
There’s always a big rush at the start where a lot of rabid beasts pull up near the electronics stand.
It’s always the same lot shouting in broken Dutch that they want to buy ALL THE ELECTRONICS… for 1 EURO!
I tend to squeeze myself in at a calmer moment to ask if they’ve got any videogames.
Let’s see what we’ve got!

First of all, a stack of Playstation 2 games. They’re EVERYWHERE nowadays, but heck it’s games :P .

Then there was the peculiar case of ALL HOOKUPS, NO GAME.

Seriously, there’s a spare battery cover there… Someone must have taken out at least ONE GBA…
Ah well, got me some Rayman Advance swag to hand out somewhere someday.

And not wholly gaming related, but an awesome find nonetheless…

“The Art of Manliness!”

I’ve just read the first chapter but it seems to be an excellent book to read.

And that’s it for now! There’s another market in Veldhoven today, but we’re taking a breather and perhaps go there in a few minutes.

Catch of the Day: Thrift Store Trifecta!


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